Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garden Style By Penelope Hobhouse

The design and planting of fine gardens is an art best learnt by example. Inhis book, uses some of the finest gardens in the world tohow how to lay out and plant formal, patterned, natural and flower examples range from, California,ith its spectacular curving staircase and rectangular pool, to theekyll-inspired planting of white foxgloves in the wild garden atnightshayes, Devon; from the excitement of the summer flower border atontrancart, Dieppe, to the simple greeness of a garden room at La Pietra inuscany.;But this book is more than a tour of beautiful gardens. Penelopeobhouse informs, advises and inspires on every aspect of garden design. Shexplains how to relate a garden to its setting; the importance ofstablishing a proper structure, whether as an end in itself or as a backdropor decorative planning; and how to create a successful small garden. Thesehemes are balanced by in-depth portraits of more than 20 gardens, someamous like Great Dixter, Villandry and Giustry, other less known and

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Garden Style

By Penelope Hobhouse

Published by frances lincoln ltd, 2002

ISBN 0711219877, 9780711219878

216 pages

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