Monday, October 20, 2008

5 tips for decorating your Kids' Room

Creating a room for your baby can be an enjoyable labour of love with a long-lasting impact. Here are some helpful stress-free decorating tips to consider for your infant's room:

1. Always keep your child's safety in mind. Be sure to check out safety guidelines before implementing any design idea. Use ICI Dulux Paints for their 100% mercury-free and lead-free formula that keeps your infant safe

2. Use your hands! Paste large stickers, put up your own shelving and sew your own bedsheets for the little one

3. Paint walls with a colour that will last through future updates in furniture and accessories. Turn the page for suggestions on colour schemes.

4. Try to future-proof your decorations and furniture. For instance, use furniture that can double as toddler beds, or try out room design themes that can last beyond the first years of infancy
5. Use clear colours that allow easy coordination with toys, accessories and future additions such as study tables. Come for some suggested colours you might want to consider.

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